Australian Sales Leadership Awards 2020

For the first time in Australia, The Sales Leader has created an awards program that celebrates excellence in sales leadership, sales enablement, sales operations, customer success, sales/marketing alignment, social selling, sales innovation and sales technology.

The Australian Sales Leadership Awards will showcase the breadth and depth of sales leadership talent in Australian organisations while affirming the essential role of sales in driving business growth and innovation.

The awards are open to all sales professionals and businesses operating in Australia. 

Nominate NOW to be a part of this inaugural awards event and put your peers, colleagues or yourself forward for these coveted accolades.

Stand out in a competitive marketplace

For organisations, securing an Australian Sales Leadership award will set you apart when attracting and retaining the best talent. For individuals, recognition will underpin career advancement.

Showcase your leadership capabilities and expertise

With a judging panel including industry leaders and experts from across the industry, an Australian Sales Leadership award is a peer-reviewed recognition of your capabilities in sales and passion for driving industry excellence.

Gain recognition for excellence in your industry sector

With sales leadership excellence considered a key driver of growth and success, an Australian Sales Leadership award reaffirms the leadership position of you and your organisation.

Celebrate with industry leaders

Be part of a five-star celebration that brings together the leading sales professionals from across Australia.

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