Organisation-Led Sales Engagement

It doesn’t matter how successful you are, being in sales can be demoralising and, at times, downright psychologically insurmountable! One of the biggest challenges is for others to understand the frustrations and disappointments that come with being in a sales role in a highly competitive environment.

What makes sales so tough? 

It’s not unusual for 90% of sales calls to be ignored, and then another 90% of completed calls to go nowhere. Essentially only about 10% of the people you speak to will turn into customers – that’s 1% of the people you reach out to initially!

In addition to the constant rejection, most sales managers will tell you that the needs of their sales team are not understood by the organisation.

How can an organisation support the sales team?

When it comes to supporting the sales team, a CEO-led, strategic, and tactical approach to sales management is a great starting point. This should: 

  • Link sales to the organisation’s brand, culture, and objectives, so sales managers and their teams feel supported by the organisation.
  • Develop a sales team that consists of people with the right attitude and skills that connect to the brand and culture of the organisation – and, of course, the industry.
  • Equip the sales team with everything they need for success. This includes leadership, coaching, organisational information, skills, empowerment, product and service knowledge and competitor information.  

We all know that satisfied customers lead to more business and more referrals.  When an organisation is strategically aligned and actively supporting the sales team, the reward is significantly higher sales.

How TO Achieve enterprise sales engagement?

Implementing a successful enterprise sales engagement approach is a way to connect the dots between the business areas – and helps drive sales success. For this to work it is essential that:

  • The enterprise needs to understand the uniqueness of sales roles – and the working conditions that go with it
  • The approach should be systematic – led by the CEO or enterprise 
  • The enterprise must be committed to clear brand definition across all stakeholders
  • The organisation needs to ensure the sales team is prepared for the work conditions they’ll face
  • The enterprise must ensure the sales team is able to communicate openly with customers and prospects to build trust relationships 
  • Sales management must be able to develop a strategic learning plan and create a team “community” for the sales team 
  • Incentive programs must align with and support overall enterprise sales engagement strategies
  • Analytics must be available to identify specific actions, information and lead sources
  • A CEO-led strategic and tactical plan to support sales is clear, documented, and tied to the organisation’s overall purpose, goals and mission.