Account Based Prospecting: The What and How

With the innovation and general use of automation technology, account-based marketing (ABM) has become far more affordable and accessible in the Australian sales climate.


ABM is a B2B strategy that aligns sales and marketing resources on a very specific list of target accounts, tailoring campaigns to them. 

Account-based strategies are personalised but broad in terms of content, focused around outbound activity aimed at creating high-value opportunities in new and existing customers.

Account-based marketing is not a tactic, tool or campaign - it’s a complete, targeted go-to-market strategy.

Whilst an ABM strategy of the past was expensive, time consuming and manual, the evolution of marketing automation technology and CRM software means an ABM strategy is far more accessible for many businesses.  


An important goal of ABM is to identify and target specific employees at a company who are researching products and services, then tailor a sales program and content to them. To be effective, a program must be: 

  • well researched

  • targeted

  • personalised across channels

  • integrated

  • relevant to the target account contact

In addition, it needs to be designed to extend throughout the lifecycle of the account, from prospect to client and beyond.


The content you create and send is critical in determining how you come across. You don’t want to be annoying or too persistent, but you need to remain relevant. All contact needs to add value to the relationship.

It’s great to contact a target prospect if you can provide commercial insights, offer an educational opportunity or update them with relevant news. On the other hand, the communication should never start with “just following up” or “just checking in”!


So how much personalisation is required in ABM?  

In short, the more personalisation, the better. The more important the account or the contact, the more personalisation you should use – moving away completely from the templated approach.  

You’re aiming to ensure the prospect believes the email was written for them personally - if they don’t feel that way you haven’t got it right.


ABM Success = The Right Technology + The Human Touch

Using the right technology can help with insights to tailor your marketing efforts so you can create templates and content relevant to your target. But it’s crucial to personalise this content giving it the all-important human touch. 

Remember, technology and automation enhance your efforts, they don’t replace them.