Social Selling: Focus on Twitter

Leveraging social media as a selling tool is no longer optional in today’s sales world – it’s now an absolute necessity. Each social platform has its own perks and quirks, so let’s take look at how you can make Twitter work for your business.


Twitter offers a wealth of sales opportunities in today’s landscape, where old-school techniques like cold calling and blast emails are ignored, blocked or sent to the junk folder. It’s imperative in the competitive selling climate that you empower your sales team to tap into social media as a selling tool and make the most of its versatility and reach. So, how can your sales team use Twitter for social selling?


Twitter allows you to both identify your prospects and create private target lists. You can target influencers and active users that have interests relating to your brand.

Private Twitter lists allow a user to organise their prospects and engage in tweet activity around subjects that are relevant to their business. There are also a number of sales platform tools that allow a user to segment and organise prospects.


A great starting point to is tweet open ended questions that are clearly and cleverly tailored to your prospect. Retweet their tweets, @mention them in your tweets, save their tweets, ask questions and, once you’ve solidified the connection, send a DM (Direct Message). It’s important to be selective in your audience to ensure you’re not clogging up your feed with timewasters.


Relationship development, and ongoing engagement won’t happen overnight – persistence, relevance and patience are key. Devoting time to knowing and understanding your audience will assist in tailoring engaging content and ultimately deepen your Twitter relationships. A great engagement tool is to be yourself – add a bit of ‘you’ into your Twitter conversations to help with connection whilst remaining patient for results.


In this data driven world it’s important to track and analyse insights which can provide valuable information about your prospect. Twitter Analytics is a fantastic, free interactive dashboard that provides insights into your Twitter activity. Arming yourself with knowledge allows you to better tailor your tweets to your target audience – including relevant hashtags and trending topics.


No one has the time to constantly monitor, retweet and reply to tweets. There are some intelligent tools and platforms available to help you automate and facilitate the social selling process on Twitter, allowing you to reach more leads and manage relationships all in one place. 

So, in essence Twitter is a free sales enablement tool that is a must have in any sales environment.